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“People like to pick on me”



Highly awaited at the turn after the criticisms of two Wolves players on his defensive qualities the day before, Rudy Gobert provided a cash response to his detractors on Thursday evening on the Philadelphia floor. After his XXL performance against the Sixers, the French pivot of Jazz admitted that he did not stop at this kind of thing for a long time.

Rudy Gobert’s response was not long in coming. Twenty-four hours after two of his evening opponents Anthony Edwards and Patrick Beverley (Minnesota) publicly questioned his qualities as a defender, the French pivot provided the most beautiful response to his detractors: namely on the ground, in this case that of Philadelphia, with a new double-double of high quality (21 points, 17 rebounds) for the number 27 of the Jazz. With such a performance, the Tokyo Games silver medalist knows it: he silenced many people, at least momentarily. However, over time, “Gobzilla” assures us that he has learned not to look back on this type of trial. Thursday night after the game, the Saint-Quentinois also assured that the attacks of the Edwards-Beverley tandem had left him completely indifferent. On the contrary, they would almost tend to give her even more strength to shine every evening, not to say that they even make her happy. Knowing that only the biggest bother, in his eyes.

Gobert: “It’s more fun than anything else”

“This is not the first time that people criticize me for no reason whatsoever,” said the person after the sixth consecutive victory for his team. Every night I’m on the floor to help my team win, to be the best Rudy I can be. I am never in the media attacking others. I focus on myself. When you are the best in the world in a while I think people start to have doubts and want to discredit what you do. It’s more fun than anything else. Just fun. But it’s like that. It’s like that, and it’s certainly not the first time that Gobert has undergone this kind of treatment from his opponents or from specialists who are not fans of his game. It will not be the last either. The three-time best defenseman in the NBA therefore far prefers to witness all of this with a lot of hindsight. “People will try to discredit my contribution, our work as a team. I’ve known this my whole career. I will continue to win prizes, trophies, and I hope that I will help my team to win an even bigger one. »Quietly letting the water continue to slide down the ducks’ backs at the same time.

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