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Play Xbox Game Pass in VR? It’s possible soon



The lucky owners of Meta Quest 2 will soon be able to enjoy Xbox Game Pass in virtual reality.

On October 11, Meta held a presentation that focused on announcing the long-awaited Meta Quest Pro VR headset. If this one caused a stir among technology fans (read our test), the device was not the only discovery worthy of interest. Meta also announced its partnership with Microsoft, which will soon take Xbox Game Pass to a new dimension… literally.

Indeed, the VR Quest 2 headsets will soon be able to support Microsoft and Windows applications, which includes the firm’s on-demand game subscription. Well known to players for its very advantageous value for money, the service has many benefits, including the possibility of playing on the cloud with the Ultimate formula. On PC, console, mobiles and soon in VR, Microsoft’s cloud gaming knows no platform limits.

In the Meta presentation, we can see some excerpts of this feature in action. Overall, users will be able to open their Xbox application as on any medium, and launch their favorite games on the cloud using the display power of the headset. Not all available games will be automatically turned into VR games, but rather it will take the form of a virtual, curved screen for you to play on.

Be aware that Xbox controllers will be supported by the system, so you can use your regular controller instead of the Quest 2 controllers. Neither company has announced when this feature will be available, but we know it will be coming soon. on Meta’s Quest 2 headsets, and possibly Quest Pros a bit later. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

A stunning Meta Quest Pro

As for the darling of this presentation, it seems that the Meta Quest Pro has pulled off its feat. The helmet sports an ultra futuristic design, and presents characteristics worthy of a new generation device. Offering both virtual reality and augmented reality, the machine is optimized for gaming, but also and above all for the metaverse, which Meta has been promoting for many months. It will be available for sale by the end of the month at the (very) premium price of 1800€. A jewel of technology that is worth its weight in gold.

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