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playable demos for Premium Membership?



Reportedly, Sony is requesting playable demos from many developers for its PlayStation Plus Premium.

The new PlayStation Plus formulas are only a few months away from being available on PS4 and PS5. And although Sony has unveiled a good part of their content, we don’t know everything yet. According to Game Developerone of the advantages of the Premium formula would be to offer subscribers playable demos, which must first be requested from the studios.

The media therefore informs us that the firm has already begun to communicate on its site dedicated to developers via a message that informs them of its new requirement. A priori, all games currently in development above the wholesale price of 33 euros must come with playable demos of at least two hours. Anyone who does not meet this condition would not be required to provide a demo.

Playable demos, Sony’s new requirement

According to sources interviewed Game Developer, Sony did not contact the studios directly to communicate their decision, they mostly learned of it via this general message. However, the logistics involved in this process would have deserved a more personal and above all more official announcement. Indeed, this forces all developers who want to publish their games on the PlayStation Store to commit human and financial resources to design the playable demos.

For the moment, as it has not yet been officially confirmed by Sony, it is not yet known whether all games will be truly affected, or only those that Sony plans to add to the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog. In any case, we know that this decision does not affect the games that have already been released, or even the next VR games.

Regarding the demos themselves, they should all be available in a limited time, and the developers should have a period of up to 3 months after the game’s release to offer its demo. It should also be available for a maximum of 12 months and only for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. However, there is no indication of what the repercussions would be if the development studios failed to meet this sudden and far-reaching commitment.

Just as it appeared that Sony applied a fee to studios that wanted to benefit from cross-play on PlayStation consoles, the firm could just as well ask for financial compensation from studios that do not deliver their demos on time. Of course, all this is hypothetical for the moment, so you have to take the tweezers of rigor for this kind of news. We will wait for the official announcements that will emerge in the coming weeks.

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