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Playing Pokémon in Elden Ring is now possible!



This is a mod that has enough to make the terrible technical performance of Pokémon Purple and Scarlet pale.

Elden Ring has not finished talking about him. After its title of best game of the year 2022 at the Game Awards, the community continues to bring the game to life to enrich it with ever more experience. With such a well-built open world and effective gameplay, that’s enough to give modders some good ideas. PC players can enrich their version with many improvements thanks to mods, each more unique than the next.

On the Nintendo Switch side, another open world has been talking about it for a few months, but not for the right reasons. Versions Purple and Scarlet of Pokemon arrived on the shelves in poor condition. Even if the game remains extremely fun, the title is far from being sufficiently optimized, and the open adventure is marred by bugs galore.

A user therefore had the idea of ​​merging the best and the worst of both worlds by giving birth to an unexpected crossover mod. The region of Paldea finds itself transported to the Underworld. On Twitter, Arestame reveals this Elden Ring X pokemon scarlet which promises an experience that is as surprising as it is funny.

Goodbye horse, hello Koraidon

Dressed in his best school uniform, your Shardless can then ride on the back of Koraidon, the famous legendary mount of Pokemon Scarlet. This time around, the textures are beautiful and the game doesn’t slow down every second! Along with offering the school boy outfit and mount from Gamefreak’s RPG, the mod comes with plenty of summons and other pocket monsters.

Miascarade and Flâmigator seem ready to give us a hard time in frenzied fights. The plains will also be littered with Olivinis and other Gourmelets to give a feeling of wild exploration like in the latest Pokémon. Even the Pokémon Center is included, and you’ll have to run after it!

At the moment the mod is not available to the public. Nintendo is known for wanting to put an end to these kinds of fan projects and the creator probably doesn’t want to have the Kyoto firm’s lawyers right behind him.

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