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Playing Zelda in VR is possible and we explain how!



Put on your helmet and step into Link’s shoes for a truer-than-life pixel adventure.

Players who have always dreamed of roaming the plains of Hyrule have reason to rejoice as this dream comes true. Thanks to the magic of virtual reality and the work of a few modders, the first episode of The Legend of Zelda is now playable as if we were there. As surprising as it may seem, this feat is made possible thanks to doom and the Meta Quest.

In October 2021, a user of the site modDB shares a recreation of the NES game made within the famous Doom II. Retrogaming modding remains extremely niche and The Legend of Doom hasn’t really been talked about…until today.

A tweet that went viral and quickly shared by many media reveals a conversion of the same mod to VR, thanks to tools from Meta Quest 2. Virtual reality acting as a carrot at the end of a stick, players flock in droves to live that unique Zelda experience. If you want to enjoy it on your own device, here’s how.

A little tinkering

You will surely have understood that this program is not official. In order to install it on your VR headset, you will have to follow a few steps off the beaten track. Those who are used to personalizing their experience on Meta Quest are probably familiar with SideQuest, this secondary store that multiplies the possibilities offered by the device.

If you do not have this store, just go to the official website to follow the proposed guide. This step may seem complicated, but is within everyone’s reach. Once everything is installed, the rest of the process is much simpler.

You will need to install QuestZDoom, the mod manager for the VR version of Doom II. You are in luck since the game is free to download from the application interface. To do this, you will have to click on “download core games” and download FreeDoom.

Still from QuestZDoom, you will then have to go to the “download map packs” tab and look for Legend of Doom. Finally, you just have to tick FreeDoom 2 and the freshly downloaded mod pack before starting your game. This is your one-way ticket to Hyrule Fields.

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