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Playstation and Nintendo modify their online subscriptions, what does that change?



After a British investigation denouncing the subscription practices of various manufacturers, it is the turn of Nintendo and Playstation to react on this subject.

Last January, UK competition authority (CMA) denounced the excesses of the systems of automatic renewal of subscriptions through a survey.

According to it, these practices went against several laws protecting consumers, and then invited the various manufacturers offering these services to review their operation.

Microsoft reacted almost instantly, changing its renewal policy worldwide and making its various subscriptions more flexible and easy to understand for users. Now it’s Nintendo and PlayStation’s turn to reveal what will change on their respective platforms.

Sony chooses prevention

If you have a subscription Playstation Plus Where Playstation NowSony will now visit your mailbox to notify you of the upcoming renewal.

No question here of disabling automatic renewal, but of going directly to annoy players with a series of emails to alert them to the upcoming direct debit. These messages will then include a detailed guide to make it easier for players to cancel their subscription if they wish.

Full Reverse for Nintendo

For its part, Nintendo does not seek to see further and complicate the task. Auto-renewal will simply be disabled with each new subscription to a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

No worries therefore for Switch players who will no longer need to cancel their subscription by themselves, the firm of the mustachioed plumber takes care of everything. This decision probably resonates with the family nature of the console, and the possibility that families forget the renewal of the subscription of their children for example.

End of investigation

After these decisions on the part of the two manufacturers, the executive director of the CMA announced that the investigation would not go further in this industry for the moment:

The announcements conclude our investigation into the online gaming sector. Companies in other industries that also offer auto-renewing subscriptions should also review their practices to ensure they are in compliance with consumer protection laws.

No more embarrassing situations where you discover the unexpected debit of an annual subscription that you don’t even use anymore. Now, place for voluntary renewal for the greatest pleasure of the wallets of players around the world.

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