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PlayStation has good news for PC gamers



PC players no longer need to go through the PS5 to update the DualSense. PlayStation has just deployed a tool to update its controller from a PC running Windows 10 or 11. It aims to improve the performance of the wireless controller.

The PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense, has long been compatible with PC support. A way for Sony not to leave this market to Microsoft and its Xbox Series Controller or Elite Series. However, Sony only offered limited support since it was not possible to update the DualSense firmware without the help of the PS5. Although many gamers are likely to own a console in addition to a gaming PC, this option was not very practical. Sony has finally decided to make available for download a tool to update the firmware of the wireless controller. Very good news for PC users running Windows 10 or Windows 11; especially since the operation is rather simple.

How to update your DualSense controller from a PC?

To update your DualSense controller, you must first install Sony’s utility on your computer. The app is called “DualSense Wireless Controller Software Updater” and can be downloaded from this address. Then simply connect the DualSense via USB, then follow the on-screen instructions to start the update. Please note that it is only possible to perform the update for one controller at a time. If you have several controllers, you will have to repeat the operation independently for each controller.

Practical, this utility provides additional comfort. It also gives the opportunity to improve the performance of its controller, without necessarily going through a PlayStation 5. Sony also recommends updating to the latest version before using its wireless controller. The user will receive a notification when an update is available, by simply launching the application. Most often, Sony releases new features for its controller when it updates the PlayStation 5 system software.

Remember that it is also possible to connect a PS5 controller to your Android smartphone. Visit our dedicated article to find out more.

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