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PlayStation is not afraid of the Xbox Game Pass at all



First news, it seems that Sony does not consider Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass as a real competitor.

PlayStation or Xbox? This is a question that has been driving the gaming community for over 20 years now. During these two decades, it must be admitted that there are as many arguments in favor of one as of the other. While PlayStation succeeds in the hardware field with record console sales, Microsoft relies on its services and the acquisition of studios to establish its power.

Still, PlayStation could consider itself far superior to its rival. According to Insider Gaming, which reports on the comments of sources inside the company, Jim Ryan, the boss of the video game part at Sony, would have said that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass does not scare him at all. He explains :

When we consider Game Pass, it seems like the numbers are getting lower and lower. When we really consider Game Pass, it looks like we’ve sold more PS5s in two years than it’s garnered subscribers and this trend has been going on for the past 6 or 7 years. We have nearly 50 million subscribers and Microsoft is in the low 20s, but there’s still work to be done to grow that number..”

If these reported words are to be believed, which have not yet been confirmed by Sony or PlayStation, Jim Ryan puts the number of PlayStation consoles sold in perspective to the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers even though these two values ​​do not not play in the same category. However, it is true that the vast majority of players on PS4 and PS5 have an active PS Plus subscription (see our guide), if only to play online.

Is Sony no longer afraid for Call of Duty?

Still, that statement tends to raise an eyebrow, especially given the context surrounding sentences. Microsoft is currently fighting to buy the Activision Blizzard studio for the modest sum of 70 billion dollars, thus securing illustrious franchises such as call of duty on Xbox. To the chagrin of Sony, who declared a few weeks ago – and who still holds this position with justice – that reserving such a license for Xbox Game Pass would be a huge loss of income for PlayStation and that it would amount to killing its ecosystem. litle by litle.

It is therefore strange to see the businessman brushing aside these concerns out of hand, especially as various authorities are still studying the transaction. We will have to wait for official news to be fixed, but it is however clear that the Xbox Game Pass represents a certain threat, which is why Sony is also betting on its brand new PlayStation Plus formulas using the same or almost the same service model as its competitor. .

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