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PlayStation VR2 is coming soon but will make your bankers cry



The new virtual reality headset from Sony finally reveals its release date and its price which is likely to cool more than one.

Although Sony’s next-generation VR headset is absent from Paris Games Week, it is making its show on this first day of the convention. PlayStation has indeed just announced everything there is to know about the highly anticipated PS VR2 via a Twitter post and a blog post. The virtual reality device will arrive well in 2023, but it won’t be too long before you can get your hands on it either. Indeed, the launch is scheduled for February 22 next year with pre-orders starting this month. It will be possible to reserve this new jewel of technology from November 15th.

Be careful though, the launch sales of the helmet will only be done through the PlayStation online store, even after the official release. The arrival at the usual retailers is not yet planned in France, probably with a view to managing stocks. However, not sure that the players tear themselves away this PlayStation VR2 which is entering at a price of € 599.99fifty euros more than the PlayStation 5. A substantial expense that does not include games and other optional accessories.

An ambitious launch

For the arrival of this new generation VR device, Sony is thinking big. Two packs and one additional accessory will be sold to satisfy the different needs of players. We then find the basic box including the PS VR2 headset as well as the two PS VR2 Sense controllers and the stereo headphones.

Credits: PlayStation

A pack including the new flagship title Horizon Call of the Mountain will be sold at the price of €649.99. The game will be included in digital format, not a physical edition like most packs for a few years now.

Credits: PlayStation

Finally, udo charging station for VR2 Sense controllers will also be available at the price of 49.99€ to always be ready to escape into virtual worlds. The games alone will also be available for pre-order, without specifying the format of these.

Credits: PlayStation

With a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye, a maximum refresh rate of 120hz and controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, Sony is trying to encroach on other headsets by offering a compendium of VR technology for console. But with a price exceeding that of the Meta Quest 2 by 150€this new competitor will have to prove itself to justify such a price.

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