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Pokémon Purple and Scarlet unveils its treasure hunt mode



Pokémon Violet and Scarlet has just unveiled a breathtaking new trailer.

The time that separates us from the release of Pokemon Purple and Scarlet diminishes over the weeks. Just over two months from its arrival on Nintendo Switch, the new Pokémon generation is being revealed in dribs and drabs, and several species have already been made official. After Tag-tag the fish monkey, or Pâtachiot and Gourmelet, it’s a new trailer that comes to raise the suspense.

Treasure hunts

In Pokemon Purple and Scarlet, it will be necessary to play the model students. The MMORPG part should be widely exploited in the next installments of the saga, and each player will be able to take advantage of a year of training at the Pokémon school. In addition to collecting pocket monsters, it will be possible to deviate from the main adventure, by participating in a gigantic treasure hunt. This extracurricular project is one of the most important annual events in the region: the objective will be to walk the lost paths of Paldea, to explore the open world that surrounds you.

Whereas Pokemon Legends Arceus often lacked dimensions, Pokemon Purple and Scarlet promises to correct the weaknesses of the last title in the saga, by offering an open world rich in adventure and encounters. This new trailer released today is also an opportunity to meet Team Star, the antagonists of the story. If the latter do not really have the charisma of Team Rocket, we can already expect the cool kids of the Orange Academy to play spoilsports, led by the terrible Meloco. The schoolyard fights promise to be tough.

The treasure hunts will also be an opportunity to face the dominant Pokémon, starting with the Overlooking Craparoi Rock-Falaise. Depending on your affinities, you will also have to follow The Way of the Master, and prove your courage during breathtaking battles. Still a little patience, Pokemon Purple and Scarlet will be released on November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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