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Polestar | The quest for a zero-footprint vehicle continues



Together with its parent company Volvo, Polestar is arguably one of the manufacturers that pays the most attention to its ecological footprint. Whether it is the traceability of the materials used in the batteries or the use of recycled materials, we strive to reduce the impact of automobile production on the environment. The brand has also been pursuing the ultimate goal since the start of the year: the carbon neutrality of a model.

To achieve this, the all-electric manufacturer announced last week that it had set up a team assigned to this challenge which focuses on the entire production cycle of the model, from the supply chain to the assembly of the product itself as well as the logistics that encompass everything. To succeed, Polestar is preparing to call for the collaboration of various actors both on the side of subcontractors and researchers, entrepreneurs and governments to achieve the mission by 2030. A great challenge that will be very interesting to follow. .

A taste of two models

At the same time, Polestar unveiled the foretaste of two models which will soon expand its range.

Of the two proposals, it is undoubtedly the Polestar 3 SUV that will generate the most interest. The one that will operate in a slice of the market that is critical for the Swedish future will be launched next year. The first glimpse advances dimensions similar to those of a Volvo XC60 and a stylistic stance that is intended to be rather dynamic. It will be the brand’s first model to be built on American soil at the Charleston, South Carolina plant.


The Polestar 3

The other creation, which will see the light of day in 2024, will probably become the dynamic flagship of the range. The Polestar 5 sees its lines inspired directly from the Precept style study and could come to play the spoilsport against the Audi e-tron GT and Lucid Air of this world.


The Polestar 5

One thing is certain, the first published photo of the model with a strong athletic profile is convincing.

A little more power for the Polestar 2

In the meantime, the only model offered by the manufacturer, the Polestar 2, will be able to benefit from an appreciable gain in power, provided that the purchaser pays the required sum.


The Polestar 2

Owners of the twin-engine version will be able to boost combined power and torque by 67 hp and 17 lb-ft for 476 total hp and 502 lb-ft. We have not disclosed the invoice associated with this update which can be done remotely, but the option will cost around 1000 euros (about 1430 Canadian dollars) on European markets.

Polestar says it will be available in North America next spring. It just goes to show that the time when we had to take out our ratchet wrenches to hope to increase the performance of cars a little bit seems to be fading away.

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