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Porsche | The Cayman offers the heart of the 911 GT3



Due to the progressive gentrification and especially the increase in size of the 911, some believe that it is up to the smaller 718 Cayman to please purists. With its mid-engine configuration, the German brand’s entry-level coupe has broadened its scope of influence with more expressive liveries in recent times. The GT4 RS version, unveiled in Los Angeles last week, is the most obvious expression of this.

The sports car takes as its basic material the naturally aspirated flat-six with 4 L displacement harnessed in the center of the chassis, unlike the 911 GT3 which places it in rear overhang.


The GT4 RS gets various aerodynamic appendages.

This new arrival testifies to the inevitable end of a mechanical era with an endangered configuration. Its boiling mechanics that can climb to 9000 rpm will however be limited to a single transmission, the dual-clutch PDK, which lowers the 0-100 km / h to 3.4 seconds, subtracting half a second from the GT4.


The interior of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS

Slightly lower than a production 718 Cayman (30mm), the GT4 RS gets various aerodynamic appendages optimized for the mission. The downforce generated is thus increased by 30% compared to the production GT4. Porsche specifies that the various improvements made as well as the gain in power have made it possible to subtract 23 seconds from the clock on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. That said, it remains almost 10 seconds slower than the 911 GT3 at the end of this same exercise.

The Porsche Cayman GT3 RS will arrive in Canada in the summer. Obviously, at $ 166,000, it is aimed at an informed public, but we can bet that it will maintain, even increase its value because of the immense symbolism it represents in addition to its intrinsic qualities.

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