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Provincial elections | Rushed announcement of the departures of Blais and McCann



(Quebec) After another difficult week, the Legault government hastily announced that ministers Marguerite Blais and Danielle McCann will not stand for re-election.

The government confirmed their departure on Friday morning, information first released by The Journal of Quebec. It has long been assumed that McCann (69) and Blais (71) were not going to seek another mandate – the opposite would have been a huge surprise – but they had not made the official announcement yet. Announcements were scheduled later.

The two main interested parties were unaware that their departure was going to be revealed now.


Danielle McCann

“I would have liked to announce it to the citizens of my county in 1erbut I will not represent myself, ”wrote Mme McCann on Twitter. “I will be a grandmother in the spring. This is one of the most beautiful news, and which pushes me to devote myself to my family. I will provide an update to the citizens of Sanguinet soon. »

In an interview, Marguerite Blais has confirmed that she will leave politics at the end of her mandate.

“The Prime Minister has known since day one that I was doing a mandate” and “it was written in the sky” that there would not be a second, said the minister. If she has never confirmed it publicly so far, it was to make an announcement in due time only.

“The surprise is that it may not come out when we would have liked”, she dropped, while saying that she is “serene” with the turn of events.

“I am not leaving because of my difficult week at the National Assembly. I have nothing to reproach myself for what I did during my mandate. »

During the pandemic, “I did everything I was able to do in my sandbox in my mandate”, she insisted, while refusing to return to the sequence of events in the spring of 2020 during the tragedy at CHSLD Herron.

“What happened at the CHSLD Herron is appalling. My thoughts are with the families. It is a very big sorrow that I have compared to that. Unfortunately, I can’t rewrite history, but I’ll let the coroner do her job and then file her report. »

She pointed out that during her mandate, she launched the construction of seniors’ homes, adopted a policy for caregivers and tightened the Elder Abuse Act and any other vulnerable adult.

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