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PS1 games have a major flaw



Since the launch in Asia, the retro games of the new PS Plus have offered an experience troubled by format and frequency concerns.

The new PlayStation Plus has just arrived in Europe and brings its share of advantages and novelties. Impressive catalog of games, special trial periods and retro games are on the agenda for an offer that is intended as a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Game Pass. However, since the arrival of the service in Asia on May 24, a major concern persists on the side of PS1 games and annoys players.

It’s all about frequency

For the younger players among us, the consoles of the time offered a different frame rate due to the electrical and television standards of the countries concerned. Thus, the PAL format in Europe could go up to 50 Hz, where the NTSC format in the United States and Japan was able to offer a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

This then resulted in a display of very different frames per second depending on the region. NTSC consoles displayed the native 30 frames per second, where we Europeans had the right to a limited frequency of 25 frames per second. Nowadays, these worries no longer exist and the screens can all display similar frequenciess.

And yet, PS Plus Premium PS1 games were released in PAL versionthen proposing a diminished experience compared to NTSC versions. Sony then tried to deploy a patch to artificially transform the frequency, but this only caused more problems with the display and game performance.

Never mind, Sony intends to make the PAL format a thing of the past and will implement NTSC versions for most of the catalog, in all regions. No date has been announced yet, but this frequency problem will soon be history!

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