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PS5 price hike: Microsoft gently tackles Sony



Following the announcement of the price increase of the PS5 in France, Sony speaks about the situation.

The day of August 25 is brandable for PlayStation players. For the first time in history, Sony has announced a price increase for one of its consoles, and it also happens to be the most coveted the company has ever made. The PS5 is still almost impossible to find on the shelves, or on the stalls of online stores, and yet it will cost you more.

Obviously, the negative reaction from the players was not long in coming. On the networks, Sony has been decked out with numerous critical messages, which accuse the firm of thinking only of its profit, and even threatening to change sides by preferring to buy an Xbox Series X. A situation which particularly amuses the great rival of PlayStation, which does not fail to remind our colleagues ofEurogamer than its consoles they are always available at the same price.

As a reminder, the official price of the Xbox Series X was €500, just like the classic PS5 before Sony’s announcement, and the Xbox Series S, a little less powerful and without a disc drive, is priced at €300, or €150 less than a digital PS5 currently. This does not mean that these consoles will stay where they are indefinitely, but the green team is in any case taking advantage of this opportunity to grab players where they can and this probably until the holiday season. .

A historic price increase

50 euros: this is what you will have to pay in addition to the initial price of classic and digital PS5s to be able to afford them. Note that it isan increase of 10 and 12.5% ​​respectively, which is still pretty reasonable on the whole, albeit slightly bold on Sony’s part. According to the brand, this decision was taken following the phenomenon of global inflation, but also as a result of the shortage of components, which has only increased the cost of manufacturing and delivering consoles for two years now.

Until now, however, no official consequences had been visible for consumers apart from the fact that the shelves were not able to fill up to meet demand. They have also suffered unexpected repercussions, such as the control of scalpers or resales at exorbitant prices. If the reasons for this choice are therefore completely understandable, it is very clear that the frustration of the players is also legitimate.

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