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Purchase of an electric vehicle | Ottawa expands eligibility for its incentives



Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra last week detailed the changes that have been made to the electric vehicle purchase incentive program. Ottawa is essentially looking to expand the pool of eligible vehicles as electric vans and pickups are or will soon be offered by manufacturers, in addition to many SUVs.

Thus, to adapt to the higher invoice of these models which should be among the most popular in this energy transition, the starting price must invariably be under $55,000, but the ceiling is pushed back to $65,000. This makes the $5000 discount applicable to many, many default models.

For vans and pickup trucks, the Department has ruled that the entry bill must be under $60,000 and the maximum price cannot exceed $70,000. That excludes the highly anticipated Ford F-150 Lightning, which starts at $68,000.

Through this strategy, the federal government wants to stimulate the volume of sales of electric vehicles so that it reaches 20% of total sales of new vehicles in the country by 2026. An ambitious target of 60% of sales is targeted by the end of the decade.

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