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Rainbow Six Siege is coming to iOS and Android



Ubisoft has just announced Rainbow Six Mobile, an adaptation of the strategic shooter for a format that can be played anywhere, anytime.

Franchise Rainbow Six no longer needs to prove itself after having established itself as a real juggernaut of the multiplayer strategic shooter with the episode Rainbow Six Siege released in 2015. The game has continued its momentum for 7 years now, with regular updates and an ever-present community.

Now it’s the turn of mobile platforms to have the right to their episode of the franchise Rainbow Six. Ubisoft has just announced Rainbow Six Mobilea new strategic shooter intended for smartphones and intended as a real adaptation of the console and PC episode.

A mobile experience, but complete

It is the Ubisoft Montreal studio which is in charge of the development of this new mobile game which seems to promise an FPS experience worthy of the game from which it is inspired. Rainbow Six Mobile will offer 5v5 PvP matchesand will allow players to embody operators taken straight from the various games in the franchise.

Players will be able to compete on maps of Rainbow Six Siege as Bank Where Frontier which will be familiar to them, but not too much since these have been modified and adjusted for the nomadic gameplay of this title.

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Two game modes have been announced at the moment, Secure the Area and Bombbut Ubisoft will later develop other exclusive modes for its smartphone shooter.

In an announcement post published on the game’s official websiteUbisoft states that Rainbow Six Mobile has been in development for three years now. These efforts can already be felt in the game’s trailer as it surprises with its loyalty to the Siege episode.

No release date has been announced yet, but if you want to find out Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobileit is already possible to subscribe for a chance to win early access to the game.

A new trend seems to be taking hold in the industry with the adaptation of online games to mobile format, as has been the case for call of duty warzone in the FPS category, or League of Legends: Wild Rift for MOBA fans. It therefore remains to be seen whether Ubisoft will be able to stand out in this online mobile game market with this new episode of the franchise. Rainbow Six.

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