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Razer Seiren BT, the Bluetooth microphone for mobile streaming



Razer has just announced a new kind of product, the Seiren BT, a Bluetooth microphone to allow you to stream on the move, without worrying about wires.

Razer continues its diversification and has just announced a new kind of product for streamers and not just any streamers since this is mobile streamers. In general, when we talk about streams, we are talking about live and often it is a well-established installation that does the job.

But for some time, streamers have gone mobile and we see more and more streams from a simple smartphone and as we know, if the microphones of smartphones are sufficient in a calm environment, it is not the case when we are in a trade show or an event. Also, this is where Razer’s newest product comes in, the Seiren BT.

As its name suggests, it’s a microphone (since it’s a product from the Seiren range) but above all, it’s Bluetooth and intended to work with your smartphone. With a contained size, it can slip into any pocket and above all work by itself with its omnidirectional microphone.

Exit therefore the wires, the Seiren BT This will allow you to use the smartphone on any support as a stabilizer without having to worry about wires or two-part sound modules (transmitter and receiver). The Seiren BT uses a simple clip system that will allow the mic to be hung anywhere, especially with its weight of only 14.5g.

“Until now, IRL streamers have needed a microphone with a cable to give their viewers good audio quality, limiting their freedom of movement or their ability to change their perspective, especially in a noisy outdoor environment. .” says Richard Hashim, Head of the Mobile & Console Division. “With Seiren BT, streamers now have complete freedom of movement and can frame whatever they want without having a cable in their path, giving viewers a rich and engaging experience with balanced sound. »

Added to this are useful functions such as noise suppression. The microphone Seiren BT is thus capable of intelligently filtering noise coming from indoor or outdoor environments, thanks to a strong or weak noise cancellation option via the Razer Streaming Mobile App (iOS and Android). Razer talks about an artificial intelligence-assisted microphone to suppress superfluous noise and we have access to three levels of settings.

Razer Seiren BT

With an announced autonomy of 6 hours (or 4 hours with noise cancellation), the Seiren BT offers Bluetooth 5.0, a latency of less than 20 ms and a range of 10 meters. Count 109.99 euros from now on. The Seiren BT thus completes the Seiren range with the Seiren V2 Pro, the Seiren V2 X and the Seiren Mini.

Remember that iOS and Android impose a limitation on the recording of audio from the basic applications and it will be necessary to go through third-party software such as Streamlabs or Filmic Pro for example.

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