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Ready for winter | A fine with that?



O laziness when you hold us. What’s the point of removing the white dress your vehicle wears after a snowfall? A brush on the windshield will suffice. The kilometers and the wind will take care of the rest! Ice ? Rather than scratching it, some prefer to empty the windshield washer reservoir of its precious contents, just to melt it… temporarily. Thus are born and multiply the “igloomobiles”. Come on, a little effort. Sweep all glass surfaces and the roof. Also discover the headlights, the lights. And don’t forget the license plate, or law enforcement could fine you a few hundred dollars.

Small glues

Do you know where your vehicle’s battery is housed? Under the hood ? In the trunk ? Or is it under the back seat? What about the spare wheel? If you were thinking of finding it under the hood, you haven’t had a car for a long time. Under the floor of the trunk then? Maybe, but it’s also possible that you don’t have one. This is often replaced by an anti-puncture bottle. You discover it just now, but do you know how it works? All these questions – and many more – deserve an answer to keep your cool in the face of the challenges of winter. The owner’s manual can help you.

The swing

Well known to Montrealers, the swing (some prefer the back and forth) is the method used to free a vehicle from the snow. Before putting this technique into practice, it is important to clear the wheels and, as much as possible, the underbody of the vehicle. Now get behind the wheel, turn off the traction control (do you know where it is?) and drive slowly. Then perform the same maneuver in reverse. By doing so, you will draw your “take-off runway”. You can gently perform this maneuver calmly (you don’t stand on the accelerator) a few times and if there is a lack of grip, it is suggested to steer the wheels very slightly. Be careful not to spin the wheels, to avoid damaging the gearbox.

Friendly reminder


Steering wheel and heated seats are no longer reserved for luxury models.

Studies have clearly shown that a cabin that is too cold affects concentration. Worse still, if one suffers from a cold, bladder problems or back pain, the symptoms will worsen if one sits on a frozen seat. Long live heated tubs! That said, however, we must beware of opting for the other extreme and overheating the cabin, so as not to expose ourselves to drowsiness. Moderation tastes better here too.

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