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Ready for winter | Winter always comes unexpectedly



Friday, November 26, 2021. Even if it was not as strong as expected, the first snowstorm still momentarily paralyzed the greater Montreal area. Not all motorists were ready.

And this year, what will it be? Already, dealers and mechanics are taking care to remove the summer flip-flops from our vehicles to put on winter boots. Considering the labor shortage in some establishments and the sometimes difficult supply of spare parts, there is little chance that you will be asked to check the proper functioning of your vehicle’s components. Therefore, if you diligently follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, there is nothing to worry about. ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (if it ain’t broke, why fix it?), say the English speakers.

If the fall tune-up is no longer in season, it remains so for a vehicle that is getting old (five years or more). And all the more so if his interview was done “go as I push you”. So, depending on the mileage and condition of the vehicle, this tune-up can, in some cases, take the form of a simple (and inexpensive) routine check.

do it yourself

In the “do it yourself” category, the conscientious motorist will ensure that the cabin filter is replaced. This component sold for a few tens of dollars has the task of driving out bad smells, of course, but above all of improving the performance of the heating and air conditioning system. A filter in poor condition will certainly cause problems with demisting the windshield and side windows. The motorist will also make sure, for an amount often less than $100, to buy brand new windshield wipers.

Once these operations have been carried out, the rubber seals can be coated with a silicone-based grease.

For the locks, we will retain an aerosol lubricant based on Teflon, and another, based on lithium this time, for the hinges and the latch of the hood.

As the latter is open, be sure to remove the dead leaves lodged in the windshield opening. These clog the water flow channels and rot in the air intakes of your vehicle and can lead to the breakage (wiper motor, for example) of certain components.

It’s time to visit the vault. Take care to stock it with a snow brush, skid plates, a (small) shovel and jumper cables. Missing space ? You probably forgot to take out your golf bag.

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