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recap of episode 2 of the HBO series



How is the disease transmitted to cordyceps? What happens to Ellie after the pilot cliffhanger? We recap episode 2 of The Last of Us on Prime Video.

After an endless wait for French viewers and a critically acclaimed first episode, The Last of Us promises to take us on a zombie adventure for the next 8 weeks. This Monday, you can already discover the second episode, entitled “Infected”. We take stock of the highlights of this still incredible chapter.

From video game to series, there is only one step

Unlike Craig Mazin’s pilot, this episode 2 was directed by Neil Druckmann himself, after serving as director of the games. It is through his expertise that we discover clickers for the first time, not without some apprehension. It turns out that the work put into the visual effects and acting of the zombies is nothing short of impressive.

Similarly, we find in this episode many nods to the basic material whether in the staging or in the atmosphere of survival. The ammunition is not unlimited, and you have to develop infiltration strategies to hope to get out of it.

the last of us episode 2 (1)
Credits: Neil Druckman

The first difference: the transmission of the fungus

It is also in this chapter that we learn how the disease is transmitted in the series. A few weeks before, the creators informed us that this was the only major point that differed between the production and the video games. In the works developed by Naughty Dog, the fungus is transmitted via spores, small molecules released into the air that are extremely viral. None of that here, the disease seems to be transmitted via bites from an infected to a healthy subject. The question therefore remains as to how patient zero was infected, as the scientist raises at the start of the episode.

We also learn more about the connection between the infected, who react to interactions with cordyceps even in indirect ways. The particular case of Ellie has not been mentioned so much but it is an opportunity for the young girl to prove once again her immune status… unlike Tess who is already leaving us, as we expected. . From now on it’s Joel and Ellie together for better or for worse.

A good start for The Last of Us

After an incredible pilot, HBO gives us a second chapter just as promising for the rest of the series. We’re starting to seriously appreciate the flashback intros, which teach us more about the world before the pandemic, and how it spread around the world. This adds some welcome contextual elements without changing the story of the game. The Last of Us.

The style of road movie which begins to take root forces our protagonists to all be in the same place at the same time. We are therefore on longer, less dynamic sequences in this episode. That said, the breakdown and duration of the episodes takes on its full meaning and makes it possible to maintain a certain consistency with the important chapters of the game. To discover episode 3, it’s on Prime Video on January 30th. Find the duration of each upcoming episode here.

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