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record numbers for Sony’s latest game



Santa Monica Studio is proud to announce record sales figures for God of War Ragnarök.

In November 2022, was released Ragnarok, the fifth installment of the franchise god of war, critically acclaimed and already multi awarded. Three months after its release on PS4 and PS5, Santa Monica Studio is proud to announce that the game has just reached 11 million copies sold. On Twitter, the studio expresses its thanks and gratitude to fans of the franchise:

We are very proud that #GodofWarRagnarok has officially sold 11 million copies! None of this would be possible without the support of our fans, so thank you for taking this journey with us!

A winning formula on all fronts

I have to say that God of War Ragnarok is an adventure game filled with action, sumptuous settings bordering on photorealism, all with a captivating and universal story. Thanks to all this, the title already reaches almost half of the sales of its predecessor with its 11 million. god of war (2018) has now sold 23 million copies worldwide, with a PC version released in 2022 boosting the game’s popularity.

At the moment, no PC version of God of War Ragnarok has not been announced by Sony but given the objectives of the firm, the news should not take too long to fall. Indeed, Sony plans to bring 50% of its games to PC and mobile by 2025. This requires major ports, including that of The Last of Us Part I next March, or even that of Returnal recently unveiled.

The situation is in any case very encouraging for the latest addition to the franchise. god of war. We still remember its launch figures which not only surpassed those of the previous game but also placed Ragnarök in first place among the best first-party PlayStation game launches, marking the history of video games. There is no doubt that the records will be linked in the months and years to come.

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