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Redfall details its crossplay as it nears release



Finally good news for the next title from Arkane Studios which had already drawn the wrath of players even before its release.

red fall is already shaping up to be one of the video game blockbusters of the year 2023. Unveiled in 2021, the title by Arkane Austin published by Bethesda promises to transport us to a world where powerful vampires with superpowers have taken over the world. ‘humanity. We then embody a group of four survivors in search of annihilating these evil forces that destroy everything in their path. These beginnings are enough to make us shudder and players are becoming increasingly impatient at the idea of ​​embarking on the adventure. May 2.

However, the revelations of the development teams have not always made people happy. In early February, the studio revealed that a permanent connection will be mandatory to enjoy Redfall, even solo. The gamers did not fail to show their exasperation but the situation does not seem about to change. Fortunately, there is not only bad news and the title confirms the functionality that everyone was waiting for: crossplay.

Vampire hunting with anyone

Since red fall is imagined and sold as an experience tailored for multiplayer, the implementation of crossplay seemed obvious. Will this news be enough to pass the permanent connection pill? Probably not, but it’s definitely a first big win for players. No more worrying about the adventure companions’ gaming platform.

Whether you decide to play on PC or Xbox, no other player will be out of reach to join your party. This crossplay feature is also about the different ways to get the game. So, whether the game comes from Steam, the Epic Games Store, or via PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, the same servers will welcome players regardless of their preferred platform. Vampire hunters can therefore embark on this FPS with complete peace of mind.

In addition to this good news, the developers have provided some details regarding the difficulty of the title. As with other team hunting games, the power of monsters and their number will change depending on the number of players in the party. It will therefore be necessary to expect a good dose of adrenaline when a group of four decides to go hunting.

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