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Redfall finally reveals its gameplay in an explosive trailer



The Xbox conference starts off with a bang with the first gameplay trailer for Arkane’s latest Redfall.

The parent studio of Dishonored and Prey we have a blood-curdling multiplayer adventure in store. Strange mix between Vampire The Masquerade and Borderlandsthe new cooperative adventure FPS promises a lot of fun.

In addition to its artistic direction with small onions (a habit for this studio which never disappoints on this side), red fall shows us a frantic gameplay mixing classic shooting and skills in symbiosis. Although the game can be played entirely solo, the interest of this new title from Arkane seems to lie in its multiplayer dimension.

Bloodthirsty Creatures

The fans of Left 4 Dead will be able to rejoice since the recipe for this title of a new genre also seems to follow a format similar to the FPS in coop from Valve. In red fallwe’ll have to survive hordes of vampires with more or less dangerous magical powers. Some seem to be able to alert their fellows, while others are able to cast devastating spells. A bit like the different types of zombies found in Left 4 Deadthe new title also seems to have a whole bestiary in store that will force us to adapt our way of playing to rush towards victory.

Thus, it will be necessary find the right strategy to survive alongside our teammates. The trailer highlights the possibility of taking different routes for ever more varied gameplay. Whether you choose infiltration to avoid damage or decide to explode everything with a more barbaric approach, everything is possible and the replayability will be all the greater for it.

The game still does not have a release date, but the presenters of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase are there to reassure us: all the games presented during the event will be released within the next twelve months! There is therefore no longer to wait before discovering this new nugget.

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