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Rediscover the Super Mario anime in 4K for free



Oldies and super fans will recognize this anime already released in 1986 and remastered in 4K.

Lifelong fans of the Super Mario franchise are surely already familiar with this relic from the past. Super Mario Bros. The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach is a Japanese animated film released in 1986, when Mario and his friends had not yet taken their place among the most iconic video game characters in the world. Today, the anime gets a new lease of life with remastered 4K graphics and English subtitles.

More than a remastering, it is actually a restoration made by Femboy Films, who made his work available to the general public on Youtube. The team would like to send a message to fans not only of the franchise, but especially to those who have already experienced the first release of the film. Restaurant owners say:We are honored to be the ones who restored this movie to be the best it has ever been, and probably the best it will ever be..”

Concretely, Femboy Films explains that they went through “a 16mm reduction print probably used for small local screenings at the time of its release”. They point out that this copy is perhaps the only one that survived the time of the film’s release on the big screen. It is therefore rare and precious financially in addition to being culturally so.

Of course, Femboy Films had to face many obstacles and had to remove dirt, but also restore wear elements or correct colors thanks to many technically advanced methods. This gave birth to this gem, which you can now discover or rediscover in 4K for free.

The film only lasts an hour and the synopsis does not break three legs to a duck. It’s obviously about Peach being kidnapped and rescued by the mustachioed plumber. Nevertheless, you can enjoy more of the real voices of the characters, as well as the original music, which will bring back more than one in childhood.

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