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release date and design revealed in leak



The PlayStation 5 has still not resolved its supply concerns that a new model could already be entering.

Rumors and other speculation around a possible PlayStation 5 Slim are intensifying, and the latest news seems to confirm the specifics of this long-awaited model. Waiting for a Pro version that would improve the performance of the console, it’s a model redesigned to be more functional that could happen on our bookshelves and other TV cabinets. At least that’s what the renowned leaker claims Tom Henderson on Insider Gaming which corroborates information from last September. It’s a complete overhaul of the design that awaits the latest from Sony and which should even change the marketing of the console.

The D chassis following on from the A, B and C chassis already in production since the release of the console in 2020 should arrive sooner than expected. This is around September 2023 that players should discover this new model according to the latest rumors. This new PS5 will be much thinner and less extravagant to fit into tighter pieces of furniture. Exit the big white monolith and hello to a master console that should satisfy more than one. But how can Sony’s teams fit the same components into a much more compact form factor? Once again, it is on the side of the disk drive that the manufacturer will scrape the dimension.

A removable drive for more flexibility

Still according to Tom Henderson, the PS5 Slim will be devoid of a Blu-ray drive, or at least not entirely. Indeed, the console itself should fulfill this tool necessary for physical games to gain finesse. Do not panic, however, since a new USB-C port added to the back of the console should allow you to connect an external drive sold separately. Thus, more differentiation between the physical and digital models, the players will be housed in the same boat and can, if they wish, decorate their console with a removable player.

This significant addition will also allow players who regret their investment in an original digital model to transform their console into a physical version without any worries. If these leaks are confirmed soon, the future of Sony’s console will then promise a much more advanced user experience. allowing everyone to customize their console according to their needs. A more judicious choice of components could also partially solve the supply problems that the PS5 has faced since its release. Case to follow in the hard history of the next-gen.

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