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release date, open beta… Everything you need to know



A Game Awards trailer reveals that players will soon be able to venture into the dark world of Sanctuary.

That’s it, Diablo IV is no longer an abstract concept but a game with a fixed release date. We will still have to wait a little longer since the official start of the fight against Lilith and her demonic forces is given for June 6, 2023. Ten years after the last episode, these next six months will seem very short. Especially since the most impatient players will be able to participate in an open beta by pre-ordering the game.

This information was unveiled at the Game Awards through a surprising cinematic trailer worthy of Blizzard’s legacy in computer graphics. Unfortunately, the start of public testing has still not been revealed, but it will be soon. Earlier in September, the game’s teams announced in a video “developer update that the open beta would take place in “beginning of year 2023”. So don’t worry: it will soon be your turn to try your hand at Diablo IV.

The Ultimate Diablo

After the mixed reception of Diablo Immortal on smartphones, Blizzard has no room for error and the studio has understood this. We were lucky enough to be able to test an early version of the hack ‘n slash last week, and our first impressions speak for themselves. In just a few hours of play, the love and passion of the teams is felt in every element of the title.

Fans of the original two episodes will find the dark atmosphere and some character progression features, while players of Diablo III will find the frenetic combat system there. The many test sessions throughout the development of the game allowed the teams to listen to the community in order to forge Diablo IV alongside them and deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

See you in the coming months to discover the final result of this game with great ambitions. The live-service format tends to be debated, but the massively multiplayer and lively dimension of the title could well bring the renewal that the franchise so badly needed.

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