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remake, film and new games after 10 years of absence



A strong comeback for the horrifying franchise, which has dug up no less than five projects to make up for the disappearance of recent years.

The conference SILENT HILL: Transmission presented live at 11 p.m. last night proved to be a veritable goldmine for fans of Konami horror games. It’s almost hard to believe that the license is actually back after the disaster of PT (Silent Hills) following its cancellation in 2014. But with five projects announced at the same time, SILENT HILL is not about to disappear again. The return to the cursed city promises to be grandiose and will even be accompanied by a few spin-offs that are already giving you goosebumps.


In early September, a leak revealed a supposed remake of the cult title, developed by Bloober Team, the studio in charge of Layers of Fears. There is now no question of rumors since Konami has just formalized the upcoming arrival of the title. No release date has yet been announced, but the return of SILENT HILL 2 will be a console exclusive on PlayStation 5 and will also be available on PC via Steam. The title has been modernized and now features an over-the-shoulder third-person view, providing another dimension to James Sunderland’s adventure.


Fruit of the collaboration between Annapurna, No Code and Konami, this new project was probably the most discreet of the whole presentation. The enigmatic trailer does not reveal much about this project which is only in the early stages of development according to Jon McKellan, founder and creative director of the No Code studio (Observation).


Behavior Interactive Teams Reteam With Konami After Content SILENT HILL integrated into Dead by Daylight. Alongside Bad Robot, JJ Abrams’ production company, and Genvid Technologies, it’s a new kind of interactive experience that will be born from this impressive collaboration. Genvid’s teams are in charge of producing “massive, interactive, live-streamed events” and the trailer seems to promise some kind of large-scale narrative game. A cat appears to be able to interact with the flow of the live story. The appointment of this strange event is given 2023.


A horrifying cinematic trailer reveals what new spin-off from the license set in 1960s Japan. The atmosphere plays between beauty, horror and innocence as a schoolgirl finds herself transformed by parasitic flowers as beautiful as they are terrifying. The story of this game comes to us from Ryukishi07, a renowned Japanese writer whose identity is hidden behind this pen name, known in the video game industry for his work on the remakes of resident Evil and other projects from Capcom and Square Enix. This is a promising project that should give a boost to the franchise.


To top it all off, the franchise will not only be making a comeback on the video game side but will also be spooking us in cinemas. The excellent adaptation of SILENT HILL produced by Christophe Gans in 2006 will finally have the right to its sequel. The French director and producer had already expressed his desire to dive back into this universe in 2020 and says in this announcement that he has finally succeeded in convincing Konami. The story of SILENT HILL 2 will finally appear on the big screen to complete the release of the remake. The first concept art images show Gans’ respect for this universe and promise a respectful and ambitious adaptation.

Franchise SILENT HILL is therefore reborn from its ashes to make people forget the mistakes of the past few years. However, the lack of schedule for these releases leaves an aftertaste of unfinished business, but it is better to have less information on this subject than to suffer postponements because of unattainable objectives.

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