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Republicans want to remove the secretary in charge of migration issues



(Washington) Republican elected officials called on Wednesday to dismiss the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, in the face of the scale of the migration crisis on the border with Mexico.

“We do not control our border, it is at the mercy of drug cartels from Mexico”, denounced Trumpist elected official Andy Biggs, believing that Joe Biden’s secretary had violated his “constitutional obligations”.

Surrounded by around fifteen elected officials from the most right-wing fringe of the Republican Party, again in the majority in the House of Representatives, he announced the launch of an impeachment procedure.

This has almost no chance of succeeding, the Senate being controlled by the Democrats, who strongly oppose this procedure.

During a hearing on the migration crisis organized a few hours earlier, several elected officials had also accused the Biden administration of fueling the opiate crisis.

“Under Trump’s presidency, the border was secure,” said Jim Jordan, the elected head of the House Judiciary Committee. “Under Biden’s presidency, there are no borders and Americans are paying the price,” he criticized.

The Democrats meanwhile accused the opposition of “reinforcing the feeling of hatred and violence” by “demonizing migrant families”.

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