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Retail trade | The Aubainerie at the Galeries d’Anjou



L’Aubainerie moves to the Galeries d’Anjou. With its pop-up store, the Quebec clothing retailer hopes to eventually have a permanent address in this part of the city and is also working to increase its presence on the island of Montreal.

Starting November 2, the store — called MEGA POP — will welcome customers to a 50,000 square foot space located in the former Sears premises. Impossible for the moment to know how long this ephemeral shop will be open, but the company wishes to settle one day for good in this sector. The company’s press release speaks of a “long life” pop-up store.

“We are not very present in Montreal, so the MEGA POP becomes an event allowing us to introduce ourselves to people in the borough of Anjou,” explains Ginette Harnois, vice-president of customer experience for L’Aubainerie, over the phone. The company plans to offer several exclusives there.

“Over the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of our products. We knew there would be a change in the economy. We have a great opportunity to present our transformation,” she adds.

From flash fashion to “sustainable product”

Presenting itself as an affordable retailer for the whole family, L’Aubainerie has gone from flash fashion (fast fashion) to the “sustainable product”, explains Harness.

The offer has been reviewed in its entirety, from socks to coats, including underwear to ensure the quality and durability of the fabrics. L’Aubainerie is betting that this transformation will appeal to Montrealers. “We are very strong in the regions, but we want to increase our presence in Montreal. »

With its store in the Galeries d’Anjou, L’Aubainerie “breaks” in a way with its habit of having stores that have a storefront, as is the case with the store on avenue du Mont-Royal. Thus, the retailer could move into other malls, it is hinted.

Founded in 1944 in Mauricie, L’Aubainerie has a total of 52 stores in Quebec and 2 elsewhere in Canada (Ontario, New Brunswick). In Montreal, the retailer has four stores — which includes MEGA-POP and two warehouses.

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