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Riot Games arrives in the Xbox Game Pass with its set of bonuses



League of Legends, Valorant, Wildrift and Legends of Runeterra are joining Microsoft’s Game Pass with a whole host of rewards.

If there was a partnership that no one expected, this is it. And yet, Xbox Games Studios did: Riot Games joins the big Game Pass family. Regulars and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy Riot’s online games like never before. If you are a Microsoft subscription service holder, you will now be able to unlock all content from League of Legends, Valorant, wild rift and Legends of Runeterra without having to play for months or even years.

Champions do you want some here!

Riot games operate on a character unlock system based on repeat play. If you want to unlock the heroes you like the most, you will have to play and replay in order to earn in-game currency to buy them (or pay real money). Whether it is this system or that of “contracts” in competitive FPS Valorantit was necessary to invest a lot of hours of games to succeed in obtaining all the content of these games.

It will now be history with the collaboration between Microsoft and Riot Games. Like the Founder Packs games like Smith Where brawlhallaa subscription to the Game Pass will allow you to unlock all the characters already available and to come in League of Legends, Valorant and wild rift. On the side of the card game Runeterra, players will get all the cards from the Foundation set, a wide variety of cards to get started with serenity. This partnership even extends to the League of Legends Teamfight Tactics game mode in which it will be possible to equip yourself with a selection of skins made available for free.

For now, single player games from Riot Games as Ruined King Where Hextech Mayhem are not concerned, but it will probably not be long if this partnership proves fruitful. The arrival of all these bonuses is not yet defined, but like the rest of the Xbox Games Showcase announcements, this announcement is planned for the next twelve months, so there won’t be long to wait.

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