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Riot Games will listen to your ingame conversations (and it’s worrying)



The studio behind League of Legends will soon monitor voice exchanges between players for a good cause.

Everyone knows that toxic behavior is a thing of Riot games. Ask a player what is the most difficult community and they will most likely answer you League of Legends. The titles offered by Riot Games are full of fun thanks to their advanced and technical gameplay, but unfortunately, the fun often gives way to quarrels between players.

The studio intends to tackle this problem at the source and announces its biggest initiative against toxicity: a voice chat analysis system to detect offensive behavior. This obviously poses its share of concerns in terms of confidentiality, but Riot intends to reassure its users. To better understand what’s going on and avoid panicking, we’ll detail what’s going on in your favorite games.

Big Brother listens to profanity

To prepare for any eventuality, the studio has just updated its privacy policy to inform players of this new initiative against toxic behavior. It is explained that voice chat conversations will only be analyzed if reported by one or more players during a game. The goal is to implement this system and make it efficient enough to activate it on all the studio’s games. But for the moment, alone Valorant is affected by this new measure.

That European players be reassured, in order to test this new tool, this experiment only takes place on North American servers to process conversations in English. If you’re reading from the US and playing Riot’s FPS, know that your conversations can now be recorded by the studio. But don’t worry about sanctions, since there are no plans to use the data to provide a verdict until the tool has been proven.

Thus, the data collected at present is intended to test the capabilities of this new measure and to verify how to correct false positives or negatives. This system could be revolutionary on games where communication is mainly done by voice chat, since there is no trace of negative behavior if it has not been registered in the text chat. In the more or less near future, the most malicious players may well have their access to the game suspended because of their words. Remember to turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth before criticizing a teammate who failed to defuse the Spike…

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