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Road test | Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance: against all odds



GT. Two letters that have deep meaning for any Ford Mustang enthusiast. The Mustang GT has always been, essentially, the first step into the revered eight-cylinders that have marked its captivating journey. With the arrival of the Mach-E GT Performance model, this unalterable landmark of American automotive culture is completely transformed. The V8 gives way to two electric motors, to adapt to the times. Laudable effort or fruitless marketing exercise?



The rear of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition differs from the standard version by the presence of the letters GT in the center of the tailgate.

As its name bluntly suggests, the Mach-E GT Performance is the sportiest livery in the electric crossover portfolio. To mark the occasion, the front part is provided with a dark hexagonal grille whose pattern is reminiscent of carbon fiber. It is full for airflow. The shield, lower, is also redesigned by integrating slots and a front spoiler, also in an aerodynamic design. The sidewall still features that sham roofline that employs a gloss black to give the impression of a more downward tailline. The most remarkable modification, however, remains the rims with multiple thin and angular spokes which overlap in astonishing harmony. The front calipers prominently display the Brembo logo printed on their bright red. The rear, for its part, stands out from the standard version by the presence of the letters GT in the center of the tailgate.

On board


The interior of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

On board, we perceive a desire from the designers to set this variant apart both visually and ergonomically. The preeminent element of this approach is undoubtedly the seats. At first glance oddly sculpted with sort of curved fins placed on the top of the backrest, they are extremely comfortable and envelop you carefully. Certainly, at the asking price, we would have liked more settings as well as their ventilation, but the fabric that drapes the seat and the back breathes rather well. Besides, in addition to the finishing details, it’s the same thing compared to a well-stocked standard Mach-E. The assembly is neat and the presentation is modern with the use of various materials, without overdoing the note. The storage is well integrated and the fact of benefiting from a second rather voluminous trunk at the front increases the practicality of the vehicle. The rear cargo space is more than enough on its own, but its height is limited.

Under the hood


The Mustang Mach-E GT Performance benefits from two electric motors to ensure its power and traction during rolling starts.

This GT version benefits from a substantial increase in power following modifications made to the front electric motor. Thus, when the two motors – placed on each axle – are working together, the total power is 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque. As much power as the Mustang Mach 1’s 5L V8, but much more torque and… traction. The explosive aspect of this mechanics is undeniable, but this verve – ensuring a 0-100 km/h in 3.7 s according to Ford – withers quickly thereafter. The module then limits the power, a behavior that many colleagues have noted during their tests. In the context of daily driving, however, such restraint is not problematic. Note that the modulation of the acceleration is excellent, a qualifier that cannot however be used for braking. It is somewhat tricky to adjust at the end of the pedal stroke.

Behind the wheel


The direction receives a good note, it which offers a nice delicacy in its way of positioning the front axle.

The Mach-E GT argument also focuses on its chassis. Thus, it receives the excellent MagneRide shock absorbers, largely developed on Mustangs with heat engines. Their continual EMF-enabled adjustment makes the crossover more confident when encountering rough spots. Comfort is increased by this better management of compression and relaxation. That said, this Mach-E remains rather firm, which can both put off or make the experience more immersive. The direction receives a good note, it which offers a nice delicacy in its way of positioning the front axle. We like less, however, its lack of definition in the touch and the artificial firmness when the most dynamic “Unbridled” mode is activated. It is the latter that offers the best distribution of torque between the front and rear and greater latitude in crossover positioning while driving thanks to a more responsive rear axle.

Embedded technologies


The multimedia system of the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

There are obvious similarities here in Ford’s and Tesla’s approach to technology. Like the creations of the Texan competitor, the brand uses a very large vertical screen bolted to the center of the dashboard. Stretching across a 15.5” diagonal, it controls – almost – everything. If its image definition is acceptable, it is rather its sporadic slowness that is denoted quite quickly when trying to change driving modes. That said, the superposition of the various commands makes it possible to quickly identify the most important tabs. The menu dedicated to electric driving is also very comprehensive, making the various variables that influence autonomy intelligible. The specimen tested was also equipped with semi-autonomous BlueCruise driving allowing, on certain expressways, to let go of the steering wheel. She turned out to be rather soft in her interventions, but had a tendency to tighten the lines and central features of the tracks too much.

The verdict


Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition

The Mustang Mach-E remains arguably the best vehicle currently offered by Ford. Well assembled, elegant and dynamic as desired, it reminds us that the manufacturer invested extraordinary efforts during its gestation. This GT version pushes the potential of this vehicle up a notch by relying on excellent cornering and rather breathtaking pure performance. With 380 km easily obtained at the wheel of the weekly test of a 2021 copy, the autonomy reflects a certain compromise which is partly filled on the Mach-E GT of model year 2022 advancing 418 km. However, it is still a little behind in this regard, in exchange for a rather high price ($88,190). For many, the model’s less expensive liveries will be more than enough, but for driving enthusiasts, this GT version sprinkles the necessary spices to enrich the experience behind the wheel. A surprisingly radiant creation.


Adjustments that could be more comprehensive

Given the asking price, it would no doubt be desirable to benefit from more personalized adjustments to road handling, which is embodied in three modes. The regenerative system also has only one mode.

light show

The Mach-E GT lights up its logo on the front and part of the grille, in addition to projecting on the side when it gets dark. The visual effect is captivating.

Constraining rear doors

The shallow rear door opening angle makes loading things more difficult than in many SUVs. When they close, it is their thickness that bothers the knees of the rear passengers.

Compatible with fast charging

The Mach-E is compatible with fast charging stations that can tolerate power up to 150 kW.

But where are the handles?

To ensure the least air resistance possible, the Mach-E swaps traditional handles for profiled fins fixed to the frame of the doors. At the rear, the doors open slightly at the press of a button to ensure that they open without a handle.

Technical sheet

  • Model tested: Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance
  • Motor: Two permanent magnet electric motors
  • Power: 480 hp
  • Torque: 634 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Direct Drive
  • Motor architecture: One electric motor per axle, all-wheel drive
  • Range (EnerGuide): 418 km
  • Price (with options, transport and preparation): $88,190
  • Competitors (GT version): Kia EV6 GT (coming soon) and Tesla Model Y Performance
  • New in 2022? : Slight increase in the number of kilowatt hours usable on the batteries, which increases the standard battery to 70 kWh and the extended range battery to 91 kWh (standard on the GT version).

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