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Robert Krakoff, the man behind Razer mice, has died aged 81



Razer co-founder Robert Krakoff is leaving us but leaves behind a thriving, forward-thinking empire.

In the field of gaming accessories, Razer has acted as a pioneer since its official creation in 2005. The company was then the work of two men: Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. The latter, a true figurehead of the ship, has just died. It’s the Razer account that announces the news on Twitter with this touching message:

We are saddened by the passing of Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Robert Krakoff, known to all as RazerGuy. Robert’s unwavering drive and passion for video games lives on and continues to inspire us all. Thank you Rob, we will miss you.”

Gamers will remember RazerGuy

While the name Robert Krakoff may be unfamiliar to you, his work is not. A few years before the creation of Razer, this is the man who participated in the launch and advertising of the very first gaming mouse, the Razer Boomslang. He therefore took on the role of pioneer in the field in 1999. It is an adventure that he of course continued during the rest of his life, within the Razer company.

Much more popular than its co-founder, Robert Krakoff owes this international recognition to a personal touch that defined him in the early 2000s. The oldest know it, when you received a product from the brand after having ordered it, you had as a bonus a note written by RazerGuy, alias Mr. Krakoff. In addition to a kind note, he often added his email address, and took his role to heart in responding to fans of the brand.

So although he was hardly part of the brand’s creative process, whether in terms of the logo, the name or even its visual identity, Robert Krakoff took pleasure in being the human symbol of Razer, what he remained until the end of his life.

A busy personal life

Apart from his obligations as a co-founder, and his passion for gaming, Robert Krakoff has also enjoyed life on many other levels. He was also an author, publishing under the name RM Krakoff, but also founded the company MindFX Science, which produces dietary supplements and energy drinks.

Furthermore, he leaves behind a loving wife, as well as two children and five grandchildren. No doubt he will be missed by all, even outside the sphere of gaming.

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