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Rocket League with motorcycles anyone?



Publisher 2K Games is reportedly working on a Rocket League competitor replacing cars with motorcycles.

If cars are not your cup of tea and you prefer to drive a two-wheeler, this new alternative to Rocket League you might like it.

Indeed, 2K Games would be preparing a new competitive game offering gameplay similar to that of the timeless Rocket Leaguewith the main difference being the vehicle the players will use to score goals.

Imagine if football was a competition in the universe of TRONand you will get Gravity Goalthis new title from 2K which has just leaked even before its announcement.

Unveiled by Tom Henderson, a journalist known for his rather reliable leaks, he indicates in an item for expute that the game will feature the same style of gameplay as Rocket League up to the matchmaking which will also offer clashes in 1 against 1, 2 against 2 and 3 against 3.

Inspired but not only!

The game will still offer its own innovations. In addition to a different artistic direction that the author of the leak describes as “futuristic, full of energy and bright colors” and therefore precisely compared to that of the films TRON from Disney, the game will also sport original gameplay elements.

Always in this direction in every way similar to TRON, players will have glowing discs similar to hockey pucks that they can throw at opponents to slow down or completely stop their vehicle.

Take-Two Entertainment announced last year the future release of no less than 93 games before the end of the year 2024, including 26 of them planned as free-to-play.
According to Henderson, this new Gravity Goal would then be part of these famous free games in anticipation by the studio.

The game would have already had the right to a well-hidden closed alpha period at the end of last year and should then receive an official announcement very soon.

This new competitor to Rocket League would be planned for the consoles Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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