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Rockstar has removed ‘transphobic content’ from GTA V remasters



Rockstar tried to satisfy everyone by removing content deemed transphobic, but without affecting gameplay.

Controversies surrounding GTA’s alleged transphobia continue to rage; to try to cut it short, Rockstar has decided to remove some of the content deemed transphobic from the new remasters of Grand Theft Auto V recently released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Players have thus noticed that certain characters who are indeed very caricatural, often bearded, with resolutely masculine features and sporting plunging necklines, have ceased to appear in front of one of the emblematic nightclubs of the game. These latter, however, remain accessible in Director mode , but the dialogues referring to their sexuality have been removed entirely.

Rockstar has not officially expressed itself on the scope and exact nature of these changes or on the precise reasons which motivated them. But it is difficult not to see it as a direct reaction to the pressure of certain actors.

It’s a decision that is already talking on the Internet, in a context where many players are already worried about whether Rockstar will end up sacrificing its legendary trash side on the altar of political correctness. But as it stands, it seems that the changes only concern fairly anecdotal elements.

A helping hand from Rockstar

Overall, observers seem to have reacted almost unanimously positively, which is quite rare on this subject where heated debates are legion on the Internet. The representatives of the movements who asked for these changes were obviously satisfied; and those who did not feel particularly concerned will not be unduly impacted by these changes.

Does this mean that Rockstar has extinguished the controversy, and is celebrating its return to the good graces of activist groups? Probably not. It is undoubtedly an outstretched hand that seems to have been appreciated. But on the other hand, Rockstar will also have to continue the balancing act to which it will be forced to submit as long as it continues to assume its concept.

The very concept of the franchise involves a large dose of controversy; it’s one thing to adapt to changing mores, it’s another to please a fan base gigantic and very attached to the basic concept. And as we discuss in our file devoted to the future of the franchise, it seems unlikely that Rockstar will succeed in satisfying everyone; in any case, this little sleight of hand can hardly serve as a model for getting rid of all the divisive points.

In conclusion, it’s a small and not obvious turn that was rather well negotiated by the studio. But there will be many more on the way, and some will be significantly more complicated. Given the expectations around the title and the electric climate that surrounds these social issues, we can already say that Rockstar will have to work its trajectories to the millimeter or risk triggering an unprecedented critical fire…

GTA VI: Will Rockstar convert to political correctness?

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