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Romain Grosjean will find an F1 … in the metaverse



Formula 1 is only accessible to 20 people on Earth, in order to make this sport more open, Formula 1 is multiplying initiatives.

Formula 1 is taking on a new dimension. Since its acquisition by Liberty Media in 2017, excellence in motorsport has become a “trendy” sport followed by more and more young people. Behind this success, the series Drive to Survivebroadcast on Netflix, allowed Formula 1 to reach a whole new audience.

In order to capitalize on this nascent fanbase, Liberty Media refuses nothing. The group explained a few days ago that they wanted to do a grand prix in “the metaverse”, thus allowing fans from all over the world to take part in this extraordinary race. With this project, blockchain technology is at the heart of everything.

As explained by Romain Grosjean on Twitter, who announced joining the project this week, the cars will be purchasable in the form of NFT, so everyone will have a unique livery and can compete with it. For the moment the content of the races or even the way in which they will take place is quite vague, but the project is there.

Opening of sales on March 13th

On the official website of the virtual race, a first countdown scrolls. He gives players an appointment on March 13, the date which seems to be the opening of sales to buy his car. According to the few information that can be found on the site, 500 cars should be put up for sale on the OpenSea platform on that date.

A first sale that is likely to make a lot of noise, NFTs being at the heart of a huge speculative market. While former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has already announced that he will take part in the race, Formula 1 ensures that the competition is open to all, and Liberty Media is offering numerous prizes to the winners in order to attract a ever-growing audience.

The most interesting prize is undoubtedly an invitation for two people on the GP Metavers Yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix to attend the most glamorous of motor races from the front row.

Formula 1 and e-racing, a long history

This is not the first time that Formula 1 has taken an interest in the world of esports and car simulation to promote its very real races. We think in particular of the parallel world championship of Formula 1 on the Codemasters video game which saw the Dutch driver Jarno Opmeer be titled. A former European Formula Renault driver who never managed to really win on the track, he is enjoying a second career filled with success in Formula 1 car simulation games.

With this new race which should be held on the metaverse, the sporting discipline continues to develop in order to become as accessible as possible. Today there are only 20 places on the grid, and reaching the highest level of motorsport is extremely expensive, a price that destroys many careers.

In order to bridge this financial gap, F1 is therefore developing automobile simulation, in the same way as Gran Turismo, which offers very prestigious esports competitions that can lead to real driver contracts.

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