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Rudy Gobert gets loose on Curry



Asked by TMZ, Rudy Gobert did not hide his admiration for Stephen Curry, whom he places among the greatest players in NBA history.

Winner Thursday night of a new NBA title with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry wrote a new page in his legend by winning – unanimously – the title of MVP of the finals, one of the major achievements that he still lacked. .

The 34-year-old playmaker is considered the best shooter of all time. He is also arguably one of the best players in history, he who joins some legends of the game with this fourth title won in eight yearsand only gets marks of respect from his colleagues.

Very high in the list

“I am happy for him”confided Rudy Gobert, cruised by TMZ at Los Angeles airport. “He changed our sport”believes the French pivot, about the shooting qualities of Curry, whom Gobert places very high in his list of the best players of all time. “He is in a place where the air is thin, nicely picture the Utah player. He’s at the top of my list. »

Curry’s teammate André Iguodala believes that Golden State’s No. 30 is the best playmaker of all time, which would place him in particular since the mythical Magic Johnson. Does he have a place in the best five in history? ” It’s a tough debate.” for Gobert, who does not want to decide, and prefers to salute the beautiful story of the Warriors, who managed to regain the title after two seasons rotten by injuries.

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