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Russia | The opponent Navalny spent the New Year in a disciplinary cell



(Moscow) The Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, imprisoned in Russia for almost two years, said he spent New Year’s Eve in a disciplinary cell, another example of the hardening of his conditions of detention.

In a message sent to his lawyers and published Monday on social networks, Alexeï Navalny affirms that the administration of his prison, 200 km from Moscow, decided on December 31 to impose 15 days of “mitard” on him for having violated the regulation.

According to him, he was accused of having done his morning toilet one day at “5.24 am”, that is 36 minutes before the regular time: 6 am.

“And that’s how they ruined my plans to have a great New Year’s Eve with a packet of potato chips and a can of saira [un poisson originaire du Japon, NDLR] that I had put aside, ”wrote Alexei Navalny.

He says he spent the whole New Year’s Eve sleeping with two other prisoners, including a “psychotic” who “screamed”.

“Overall, I’m satisfied. People pay to spend an original New Year, for me it was free, ”he commented with his usual humor.

He also referred to one of his regular fellow inmates in recent months, who has hygiene issues and looks “homeless”. “You have to call him now the tractor driver, because I washed him well and that’s his profession,” says Navalny.

According to him, the administration forces this prisoner to go back and forth between their cell and the infirmary, affected by an influenza epidemic. “It looks like they are using it as a bacteriological weapon, no wonder he is depressed,” commented Navaly, before concluding with a “Happy New Year, good health! »

Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s pet peeve, was arrested in Russia in January 2021, on his return to the country after suffering serious poisoning, which he attributes to the Kremlin.

Last March, he was sentenced to nine years in prison under a “severe” regime for charges of “fraud” which he considers fictitious. In October, he announced that he was facing new charges that could carry up to 30 years in prison.

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