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Saber attack in Old Quebec | Girouard “wanted to be an agent of chaos”



(Quebec) Carl Girouard chose to attack innocent people in Old Quebec on Halloween 2020 because he “wanted to be an agent of chaos” and he even talked about doing a stunt as early as 2014, claimed the Crown Monday at the start of this highly anticipated trial.

“Our claim is that he had long planned a coup,” Crown prosecutor Ms.and Francois Godin.

The trial of the author of the October 31, 2020 attack got under way Monday morning at the Quebec City courthouse. Carl Girouard is charged with two first degree murders and five attempted murders.

Suzanne Clermont, 61, was killed as she left her home to smoke a cigarette. The other victim, François Duchesne, 56, was taking a simple walk in Old Quebec. Five other innocent people were seriously injured.

This trial is expected to last four weeks. The debates will focus on the criminal responsibility of Girouard. He admitted killing two innocent bystanders that evening and injuring five others. But he pleads not responsible because of mental disorder.

“Our claim is that Mr. Girouard was not mentally ill and, therefore, is responsible for his actions,” continued Ms.and Godin.

The Crown indicated in its introductory statement that Girouard had left Sainte-Thérèse on the day of the killing knowing full well where he was headed: Old Quebec. He even entered his destination into his phone’s GPS.

At his destination, he parks his car, takes out a katana with a 77 cm blade and, dressed in a kimono, black leather boots and a black procedure mask, he begins to attack passers-by, again according to the Crown.

Several witnesses told the media that they were confused at the sight of this disguised man, armed with a saber, one Halloween night.

The prosecution wants to prove that Girouard had spoken as early as 2014 of committing a crime like the one he committed. “He wanted to be an agent of chaos, to demonstrate his courage by doing things that others wouldn’t do,” Ms.and Godin.

The suit claims Girouard said he wanted to commit his crimes before the age of 25. He was 24 years old at the time of the incident.

He also reportedly talked about having his tattoos removed for the event, which he reportedly did. The prosecution will seek with these elements to prove the premeditated nature of these actions.

Note that the claims of the Crown have not yet been demonstrated. The defense has yet to deliver its introductory statement to the jury.

Unvaccinated sworn candidate returns home

Carl Girouard’s trial began Monday with the selection of 12 jurors, which was done quickly in the morning.

Superior Court Judge Richard Grenier posed a series of questions to potential jurors. “Do you agree with the fact that a person can be declared not responsible for mental disorder if he proves it? he asked them.

A few potential jurors were excused by the magistrate. A tax expert argued that the trial was starting in the middle of tax time and was discharged, as were a man caring for his mother who suffers from dementia and a family daycare manager.

An unvaccinated woman was also excused by the court. “My duty is to protect the citizens who serve as jurors,” argued the judge.

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