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Sackboy returns in a new game with addictive gameplay



Since the release of Sackboy: A Big Adventure on PS5, the little creature of Little Big Planet did not give any news. Only players of the latter game can still enjoy new content thanks to the outfits offered from time to time. But Sackboy has not said his last word and is back today in a brand new game, this time available on mobiles.

Sackboy Ultimateby its small name, is a game of the type runner in which you must avoid obstacles and collect as many objects as possible on your way before finishing the race to be victorious. As usual, the hero transports us to a colorful world, ultra fun and full of surprises. There are many items to collect, starting with outfits as you might expect.

Crazy disguises, the game has no shortage of them, there are thousands of cosmetic components to collect. Collecting them is also the ultimate goal of the game and to do this you will not only have to win the races by crushing your opponents, but also defeat enemies along the way, and meet certain challenges. In particular, we can see the small mesh being trapped in a ball that will have to be steered skillfully.

Unlike the previous game in the franchise, it is not Sumo Digital that is behind this work but the Exient studio. We still find exactly the same visual universe, so fans have nothing to worry about. It will be available from February 21 on iOS and Android. and is already available for pre-order.

A future success?

Several other big franchises have already gotten the mobile gaming treatment, and more specifically that of runner automatique. This is the case of mario or even of Crash Bandicoot, although the latter did not survive long despite his strong potential. If mobile titles are not always successful, a universe as enchanting as that of Little Big Planet adapts well to this medium and has the ability to bring together old and new players on a more accessible platform.

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