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Scuf announces the ultimate controller for PS5 gamers



Did you dream of a DualSense pro to play on PS5 or PC? Scuf created it for you, it’s the Scuf Reflex.

Already very well established in the field of controller design, Scuf is a brand that never stops innovating. With the release of the latest generation consoles over a year and a half ago, there was room for many improvements to the already excellent controllers from Sony and Microsoft. After the Scuf Instinct for Xbox Series, here is the Scuf reflex, an improved DualSense for players on PS5.

The first thing to note for this controller is that it comes in three versions: the classic Reflex, the Reflex Pro and the Reflex FPS. For its design, the brand takes exactly the model of the DualSense that all players know, and adds its flagship elements, such as palettes, gripping textures or its customizable designs as desired.

In terms of customization, Scuf promises dozens of designs for the shell, but also for each small element of the controller, from the joysticks to the triggers, including the touchpad for the first time in its history. Here is a summary of everything you can find when creating your controller:

  • 32 shell colors
  • 9 touchpad colors
  • 9 front bottom colors
  • 6 button kit colors
  • 4 joystick colors
  • 2 forms of joystick
  • 2 joystick heights
  • 2 styles of triggers
  • 7 colors of triggers and bumpers
  • 7 D-pad colors
  • 5 colors for Create/Options buttons
  • 2 colors for the Home button

Performance at the heart of his art

The Reflex Pro relies on even more performance with the addition of gripping textures, which are not present on the classic model, while the Reflex FPS adds instant triggers, which therefore ignore the technology of adaptive triggers from the DualSense, but also removes vibration for a more professional feel in the hand.

There is therefore something for everyone both visually and in terms of performance, with improvements that are intended to be both inclusive and very advanced. The ultimate controller for PS5 gamers on paper. Diego Nunez, Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR Group, said:

The controller is an extension of the player, it allows him to maximize his performance and assert his personality. These new SCUF Reflex options allow you to create and design a Reflex controller to suit your unique style with a wide range of shells, stick variations, finish colors and more. The PS5 community deserves a controller that meets their gaming needs and the standards they expect from SCUF products. The Reflex was created for this. All you have to do is customize it to your liking.

Price and availability

The Reflex controller for PS5 will be launched today, with some pre-designed models for those who don’t want to spend long minutes customizing their controller. It is displayed on the Scuf website at a base price of €219.99, and more depending on your look choices.

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