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Sega is preparing a “super game” that will bring him a lot



Sega intends to launch a “super game” in the next five years, which will bring in more than 600 million euros! Only problem, we do not know what is hidden behind this project.

Sega has more ideas. The Japanese publisher wants to launch a “super game” by March 2026 which should generate sales of 100 billion yen, or around 680 million euros. The company, which revealed this project during the presentation of its financial results, gives very few details except that it will be a ” brand new IP “. So, no Sonic or another well-known franchise.

Franchises involved

Sega adds that initially this new game will have a ” low profitability “, but that the growth potential is high” given that it will be sold all over the world “. A strange argument given that most Sega games are sold globally. But it may be a way to reassure shareholders.

Haruki Satomi, the CEO of the group, explained that he wanted to unite a community of players, streamers and spectators around this “great game”. But the publisher does not forget its current licenses. The strategic document thus indicates that Sega intends, in the next three years, to make its existing IPs “global brands”. And to quote Sonic, Persona, Phantasy Star, Total War or even Yakuza. But they are already recognized brands all over the world.

Sega also wishes, after five years, to offer remakes, sequels and other reboots of its great successes. And to cite there too Shinobi, Crazy Taxi, Panzer Dragoon, Virtua Fighter, Altered Beast or even House of the Dead. The company did not wait elsewhere: Streets of Rage 4 and Panzer Dragoon: Remake are already there to underline the desire to tap into old IP.

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