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Sega signs a new homecoming for Sonic



Fans of the blue hedgehog have reason to rejoice, Sega continues to pamper its mascot with a new remaster.

Right now it’s party time for the world’s fastest hedgehog. After a film that continues to prove its success at the box office, its first official game on Roblox and a new open world episode planned for the end of the year, Sonic will be entitled to a collection of his first adventures.

With Sonic Origins, Sega offers a well-deserved facelift to the retro games that made the success of its mascot. This compilation which includes Sonic The Hedgehog, sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and sonic cd will be released on all platforms this June 23, 2022.

Unveiled in an animated and colorful trailer in the same vein as that of sonic maniathe blue hedgehog and his friends are ready to make their comeback in this collection.

Between nostalgia and novelty

For the greatest pleasure of the players, Sonic Origins propose to a bunch of options to customize the gaming experience depending on individual preferences. Thus, it will be possible to choose between a full screen mode or 4:3 for those who prefer the format of the time. In terms of music, the original sounds will be there for the most nostalgic fans, but remastered versions will also be there.

And on the side of replayability, Sega has it all planned out. Afraid of getting bored on games you’ve made over and over again? No worries since Sonic Origins will offer an exclusive mission mode that will push you to challenge yourself in each of the levels of the four games! In addition to that, birthday mode will bring some surprises and other twists to the classic levels that everyone knows.

If you liked the trailer attached above, know that exclusive animated content will also be unlockable and discoverable when the game releases this summer. And to top it off, the biggest fans of the license will be able to acquire a digital deluxe edition which will offer even more difficult bonus missions, music from cult titles from the Mega Drive to play during your games and more.

Sonic is known for his speed, but we will still have to wait another two months to (re)discover these classics on our consoles.

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