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Sega teases the return of two cult licenses



Sega’s “Super Game” initiative will bring two fan-favorite licenses back to life.

Sega is currently developing two major reboots for two of its cult licenses from the 90s and 2000s.

Crazy Taxi and Jet-Set Radio are preparing to make their big comeback on our favorite platforms in big budget versions. With a very special new format, these games will be the first two to join the initiative “Super Game” that Sega announced then a year ago.

Stand out among the competition

The objective of the project “Super Game”, which will be spread over at least five years according to Sega, is to compete with models offered by games such as Fortnite. Although the details are still unclear, the goal would appear to be to rally their fan base around games featuring regular content.

With a market for cosmetic items, DLC or other possible additions, the goal would then be to generate constant income thanks to its flagship licenses. It would not be surprising to discover these games of a new genre integrating the recent project of NFT Sega.

The impact on their licenses

It is thus possible to imagine the form that these games could take. Crazy Taxi and Jet-Set Radio would be particularly concerned with a multiplayer and free-to-play model which would allow Sega to experiment on what Epic Games has been doing for several years now.

The idea of ​​racing wildly in an online version of Crazy Taxi or else go rollerblading in a Jet-Set Radio in the open world with his friends could appeal to fans and mark Sega’s entry into a new market.

The choice of these cult Dreamcast licenses is not insignificant, and proves Sega’s desire to captivate his players to carry out his project “Super Game.

However, it will take wait a few more years to discover this new evolution of video games from the firm with the blue hedgehog. Indeed, the reboot of Crazy Taxithe most advanced project at the moment has been in development for only a year, and the Sega teams estimate that the game could see the light of day in the next two or three years, in 2024 or 2025.

Others “Great Games” are also in preparation, with rumors of an FPS project which will most likely aim to compete with other games of the genre to further anchor itself in the community games market.

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