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SEGA’s “Super Game” gives its news, you be the judge if they are good



Between NFTs and cloud gaming, SEGA’s “Super Game” is actually very far from what we expected.

It’s been nearly a year since SEGA mentioned its “Super game” in a financial report centered on several of its flagship licenses. At the time, we didn’t know much except that the term was to represent a colossal project over 5 years, possibly around the Sonic franchise. In reality, the “Supergame” is much more complex than that.

A game that breaks boundaries

In an interview with SEGA’s recruitment site in Japan, translated into English by VGC, company representatives explain that under the name “Super Game” in English were included several large-scale projects, which should cross borders. simple video game as we know it. Shuji Utsumi says:

Sega offers a wide range of game-related content, including hardware and arcade content, which is possible thanks to its diverse range of technologies. We have defined “Super Game” as the development of AAA titles that leverage SEGA’s full suite of technologies, and we will strive to achieve this goal in our five-year plan. Several titles are being developed as part of Super Game, and while each title will be different, there is no doubt that they will be interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games.

A long-term project

In addition to the fields of cinema or photography, to name a few, it is obvious that today a video game is a product that touches on many arts, and which has the possibility of transcending them via a single media. In the future, SEGA also intends to integrate technologies that are becoming more and more important in this area, namely cloud gaming and NFT, for example. He specifies :

The game has a history of expansion by connecting various cultures and technologies. For example, social media and watching gaming videos are recent examples. It is only natural that the future of gaming expands into new areas such as cloud gaming and NFT. We also develop the Super Game with the idea of ​​how well different games can be connected with each other.

Finally, the company insists that these games must be cross-platform, multilingual, simultaneously released worldwide, and AAA titles.

“In other words, you can imagine that the scale of game development will be that of a global blockbuster.”

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