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set footage shows Ellie in action



As the series adapted from The Last of Us arrives next year, new set footage is coming our way.

Formalized in 2020, series The Last of Us has been in the works by HBO for two years now. Originally planned for 2022, the colossal project will be broadcast in 2023 on the mother channel of Game Of Thrones. And while filming is in full swing at the moment, filming images are leaking and spreading on social networks.

It is in the middle of the city of Calgary in Canada that the film crews came to transform parts of the city into real post-apocalyptic settings. There are already very clear references to the games, with a truck bearing in particular the mention of the FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency), one of the game’s antagonists coming to hinder Ellie and Joel in their quest for the Fireflies.

Every detail counts

The more information shared about the series, the more the fidelity of this one in comparison to the original work seems to be confirmed. And this time, the Twitter page The Last of Us HBO – Status offer us a comparison between a filming video and an extract from the original game.

We find Ellie there, who like in the game, sneaks through a window too narrow for Joel in order to open a door and allow him to enter a building. The series will then most likely transcribe most of the gameplay mechanics of the original game through the narration of the adaptation for the small screen.

A major project

With a shock cast notably composed of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the main roles, impressive sets and a desire to respect the original work, the director of the series and co-author of the games Neil Druckmann promises us a real blockbuster in serial form. Nothing surprising since the total budget of the series could well exceed that of Game Of Thrones according to rumors.

This one had all the same announced that the series would take some liberty to expand its universe, and bring a little originality. After all, gamers would probably be bored in front of their screens if the game was adapted stage for stage.

Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes, and will air on an as-yet-unknown date next year. No information on the identity of the broadcaster in France, but as it is an HBO series, it’s a safe bet that the series will be broadcast on OCS in our regions.

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