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Shaquille O’Neal knocks out Kevin Durant



The reactions have been numerous since the announcement made by Kevin Durant on his wish to leave the Brooklyn Nets. Shaquille O’Neal has not been kind to the winger.

Three years after joining the Nets, Kevin Durant made a trade requestas revealed on June 30, Shams Charania by The Athletic and Adrian Wojnarowski dESPN. A choice that had the effect of a small bomb in the middle of the NBA, but which has not had much effect since. The operation is particularly complicated and even if several franchises show interest, the file remains at a standstill. From his position as an observer, former champion Shaquille O’Neal took the opportunity to give his opinion on the subject. And he wasn’t very kind to KD.

On the set of the show The Rich Eisen Show, the fifty-year-old man explained his incomprehension in the face of Durant’s desire to go elsewhere. ” When you build a house, you have a duty to live in it. When you have a leadership role, you have to make it work. But I guess(he) not (wanna) not that it works. “And the former Orlando Magics draftee to continue. ” I think Kevin Durant is probably looking for a team that can win the title. It’s much easier to do it that way… »

The Nets have the upper hand

A non-veiled criticism aimed at a Kevin Durant who is still waiting for his team to come to an agreement with the possible applicants for his reception. Recently, a trade with Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics was discussed and again, O’Neal added his two cents by slipping that if asked his opinion, he would keep Brown. Durant is under contract with the Nets until 2026. The franchise therefore remains in a strong position in this case.

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