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Shopify raises the price of its plans



(Ottawa) Shopify is raising the prices of three of its service plans, which have remained “largely unchanged” for 12 years.

The Ottawa-based e-commerce tech company says its basic plan will now cost $51 per month, down from $38, while its mid-range Shopify plan will drop from $99 per month to $132 and its Advanced will drop from $389 per month to $517.

Existing merchants who want to upgrade their monthly plan to an annual plan will keep the current and lower monthly prices until the new prices take effect on April 23.

In a blog post announcing the changes, VP of Products and COO Kaz Nejatian said the resources needed to deliver powerful, innovative and reliable tools have changed dramatically.

He believes that the company is raising its prices so that it can maintain the same value for merchants.

The changes come after Shopify laid off around 1,000 workers last year, on the heels of a plunge in its share price and a return to pre-pandemic consumer habits.

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