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Six games to enjoy PS VR 2



Rarely has a launch triggered as much enthusiasm among developers as that of the PlayStation VR2. The Press has received access to around twenty virtual reality games since the beginning of February. Impossible, especially with this demanding medium and without devoting several full-time people to it, to study them in depth, but all were entitled to a first contact, between 30 minutes and two hours. Here are six that particularly caught our attention. And that’s just a taste.

Moss and Moss: Book II


Told like a fairy tale, Moss is so cute that you find yourself smiling all the time. We control here from above, like a puppeteer, a valiant little mouse, Quill. She walks around her world of mice crossing human ruins on the back of a squirrel, jumps from rock to vine and defends herself with her small sword against her enemies, large shelled beetles or prickly plants. Each passage is an enigma where the player must, among other things, make the mouse jump but also control elements of the decor with his hand, by pulling a stone block or pushing a wooden door. The graphics are beautiful and the controls quite intuitive.



Here, we have a very special experience with a game of “rhythmic violence”. In the body of a beetle, you slide down a track like a bobsleigh in a virtual setting of lines and flashes. To the rhythm of haunting music that dictates the right moments to act, you have to intercept obstacles, stick to curves to turn well and undo the psychedelic triangles that await you at the end of the course. Explosions of light, percussion blows and speed on the menu. Not the most sophisticated of games, but well designed and totally exotic.

Song in the Smoke


The square graphics are not the smoothest, but Song in the Smoke contains some nice little finds. We are here in the first person, personifying a man or a woman of the caves who explores his environment and collects fruits and different objects to start a fire, create a knife, assemble a torch and defend himself against his enemies. Crazy fun to knock two stones against each other to start a fire, rub a bone so that it becomes an awl, cut stones to make arrowheads.



This is one of the most ingenious virtual reality applications we have ever tried. You officiate above a gaming table, like a master in Dungeons and Dragons. With your virtual hands, you control your champion, move him from square to square, open treasure chests and attack the monsters and horrible hairy beasts that surround you. Advances on the boxes and small animations follow one another. The table can be turned, zoomed in to see the action better, and all the action cards for spectacular hits or healing are in your hands. The choice of moves is made by a roll of the dice that you make virtually. Fans of fantasy table games will love it.

Ground Infinite


Ground Infinite is a fully assumed sci-fi fantasy. In a vector setting, we have to get further and further into the circuits of an artificial intelligence, Eden, who can no longer manage her overflow of information. You float through corridors firing at approaching ships or attempting to take out you with a missile. Everything is synchronized to techno music that follows the rhythm of your shot. Simple in appearance, the game becomes more and more demanding as you advance into more secure areas. Released in a first version in 2017 for Oculus and HTC Vive, Ground Infinite got a facelift for PS VR2.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Forever


This survival game against zombies is so delirious and enjoyable that it is not scary at all. Equipped with pistols, revolvers and rifles of all kinds, you are attacked from all sides by zombies who want to nibble your brains or who send you parts of their bodies. The big challenge is to have enough ammunition, which you have to reload by pressing a trigger and then bringing the weapon to your chest. The trigger of the Sense controllers is put to use and hardens like with a real weapon. Difficult to be nauseous: we move with a single jump towards a blue circle which indicates the next position.

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